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Hi, I do not know how you have arrived on this blog. But one thing is for sure, your life is about to change for the better.

I have been doing Online Marketing Full-time for the past 4 years and have amassed and set up many passive income streams in different Internet Marketing niches over the years. This blog is set up to detail my journey  to being my own boss and living life on my own terms.

I used to live my life in an autonomous way that makes me super-miserable and sad. In fact, I hated every minute of my life before I discovered Internet Marketing and making money online that frees me from the dreaded 9 – 5 and enables me to travel around the world and doing the things I love and making a difference in peoples’ lives.

I have made it a mission to change lives for the better and hope to do it through publishing my own courses and helping you to achieve your dreams. I hope to leave a legacy in which I can be proud of and maybe one day we can have a beer together.

Gary Vaynerchuck once said that one should strives to be so good that you cannot be ignored. Well, I am on a mission to make you and me be so good that we cannot be ignored. We are going to be partners in crime to crush life and live the good life no matter where you are in the world.

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I will be providing with you awesome content and actionable strategies that will enables you to start making a handsome living online.

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Always rooting for you and cheers! Be well!

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Leon Zykos

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