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Hi, my name is Leon Zykos and I am an Full time Internet Marketer . I stumbled onto Internet Marketing while I was still a University student studying a subject for which I did not utilized in my career later on in life, boring boring Accountancy.

Maybe you can call it heaven’s will or by a stroke of luck,  I started to religiously study a lot of Internet Marketers who are considered “gurus” by today’s standard. Hint: If you do not who is a guru, google that and I guarantee that you will find ample examples of that. Well, I like most people, fall into the shiny object syndrome and never really got started despite having a lot of knowledge in this area. Right now, I detail all of my success and knowledge on this leonzykos.com blog, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

In other words, I was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge but no action. Needless to say, I only managed to make some sales by sending affiliate traffic by Google adwords to clickbank products early in the days and making some money on the side. I did make some money but it was not a job – replacing income by any standards. Therefore, I applied for various jobs and had stints as a customer service officer as well as a police officer. Yeah, I was fit and fab and I truly love the discipline aspect of the uniform career.

Long story short, I find myself unfulfilled and constantly wondering how cool and interesting it must be to be able to have a location-independent business in which I may travel around the world and still make money.  I knew deep in my heart that a job was never going to fulfill me and so, I went out and searched once again for Internet Marketing. I studied hard in the subject of wordpress, php, css and diligently apply myself to the art of affiliate marketing and one day, be able to launch my own products that truly help others. 

In this blog, you will hear from no gurus. you will only hear from a normal guy who has the same aspirations as you, who knew what it must feel like to be buried in a dead end job and be subjected to workplace abuse and bullying. You will hear from a guy who understood what it must feel like to be in the know, who knew that all these are possible, but only to be shot down by ignorant people who knew nothing better and yes, that includes people who are closest to you. Lastly, you will hear from  a genuine person who truly wants to help you to achieve your dreams and be the best version of yourself in every area of your life because you deserve it.

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